Cheating on Assignments Tips

Students are always expected to do their homework independently, but it seems that it is only possible in theory. Many students find different ways to cheat in their assignments to reduce their burden. In recent research, 42% of first-year students at Harvard confessed to cheating on homework. This confirms that many students cheat when it comes to homework and are not alone in the act. But how can you go about cheating without being caught? How do you buy assignment online quickly and smartly? Well, this may sound crazy, but this article will guide you through how to be smart in cheating.

  1. Copy from friends

Copying from a friend is the easiest and convenient way to cheat. This shouldn’t be just any friend, but someone intelligent and a master in the said subject. So among your friends, always look out for those brilliant in particular subjects and consult them when needed. It is therefore critical to have a smart/intelligent chap in your circles.

If you want to copy from a friend, do it while on a bus to school or visit them at home. It is never advisable to copy while in class or before the start of class. Also, don’t copy word to word, except it is a math assignment.

  1. Do group work

Just as it takes two to tango, sometimes it is advisable to do homework in a large group. It is the fastest and efficient way to solve homework questions. In such cases, everyone contributes to finding a solution, and the best answer is taken. Also, as a group, you can explore different angles of a question to get different answers. That said, this group work should be done while home and not in the classroom before class start. Also, the group should be limited in number.

  1. Don’t copy in total

When cheating, you should do it intelligently to avoid suspicions. It will be unintelligent to copy assignments word to word and easily gives you up. When copying from a friend, change the wording or format of the answers. For example, “Donald Trump is the 45th President of America” can be “The 45th president of America is Donald Trump.” This works perfectly for all subjects expects for math, which has standard formulas to follow and can’t be skipped.

  1. Search the Web

Instead of reading through books and gnashing your head for answers, take a search on the internet. You can use the various search engines, including Google, to find answers to whatever assignment you have to do.

  1. Deliberately get some questions wrong

Don’t get it twisted; your teacher knows your performance, what you can do and what you can’t. So if out of the blues, you get all questions correct, it would raise suspicions. So cheat wisely by getting some answers wrong. You know yourself very well and questions you cannot answer no matter what. Identify such questions and get them wrong. This will erode any form of suspicion by the teacher.

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