Reasons Why Students Need Homework

The debate on the usefulness of homework or otherwise to the education system will go on for a long time to come. is your one-stop solution for all your homework and assignment needs, ensuring academic success. The opponents who are against homework have their own points and reasons why homework should be abolished in the school calendar.

We shall be taking a look at the benefits of homework to the learning process. This is the standpoint of view of the pros of homework as a beneficial tool to aid the learning process. Here we go:

  • Better opportunity for student-teacher interactions: One of the strong benefits of homework borders on the fact that it creates room for better student-teacher interaction outside the classroom. Questions about the text can be asked for better explanation of the concept. Where the homework is based on the next topic to be taught in the class; the student can gain advantage of advance knowledge on the topic ahead of the class.

This will also serve as an opportunity for parents to interact with the teachers of their wards. We are in the age of the mobile system of communication. It will help make the communication easier.

  • Family bond: Contrary to the view that homework will eat into the time that should be given to family bonding; reverse is actually the case. Parents are usually involved in the homework of their wards. It will give them room to know what their kids are doing in school. This will create room for bonding in the family.
  • Preparation for tests: Where it is properly handled; the outcome of the grades gotten through homework will be used by the teacher to rate the state of understanding of the child in class. Areas of weaknesses will be detected and worked upon. It is a way of creating balance in the class. The teacher will know the problem areas in his class and work on such children to achieve better grades in their tests or exams.
  • Time management: When students do their homework; it will teach them the act of time management. When they know they have to turn in the assignment the following day; they will be more judicious in handling of time. There are no better ways to inculcate the habit of responsibility in the child.
  • Parent involvement: The parent never knows what goes on in the school during the eight hours of stay of their ward in school. Homework gives the opportunity to rate the performance of their kids. Parents will know how to come in to address problem areas.

What the parent is able to discover what is not known to the teacher, the information can be passed unto the teacher and the cooperation of teacher and parent will bring out the positive best out of the child. This will impact positively on the child at the end of the day.

Final thoughts

The five tips given above are some of the chief benefits of homework to the education system. It goes to support the opinion that homework has a place in the education of the child.

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