Benefits of Reading Out Loud

Many can question the rationale of having any text read out aloud. But the truth lies in the benefit of having better comprehension, expanded exposure, and reduced stress levels when it comes to diverse reading materials. Further, such an endeavor allows you to build a reading community of students, share the love for reading, enhances the skill comprehension in language instruction, among others.

Benefits of Reading Aloud In Middle School

  • Enriching a community of readers within the class. When students read independently daily, they can pick whatever text they feel interests them. However, having a piece of text (whether a novel or essay) read aloud allows the whole class to experience the book together.  
    As such, you should pick a book carefully when your intention involves reading it out loud to the students. Look for books with diversity themes, and which can counter stereotypes besides allowing students to practice and develop understanding and compassion for others. Such a theme can lead to deeper connections between students and a drive to practice a particular civil discourse.
  • A strong connection to the content. When you decide to read audibly, you can easily model your reading strategy. You can share your thoughts, ask questions, and develop text-to-text links, besides cross-curricular content. Some books can also offer you a chance to link with both social studies and science curricula. 
    Additionally, you can give students context by providing mentor text using examples given by the author. For instance, as learners craft their memoirs, you can easily step in to identify the author’s sensory details. It becomes possible to then, let the students discuss the implication of the approach used in writing their text.
    Learners can also horn their listening skills by having text read out aloud. It promotes focus and mindful listening. Further, you can convey your expectation on how your students have to approach their reading independently. It can include thinking aloud, monitoring understanding, visualizing text, application, and questioning.  
  • Sharing the love for reading. In most scenarios, reading can expose you to experience different situations and worlds. As such, it proves fun and can humanize anyone who feels dehumanized. Further, reading someone else’s story can assist you to comprehend and self-reflect on your own story. When you help a student to adore the art of reading texts, you set that up for endless learning.  
    The art of reading to your students can underpin your seriousness when it comes to reading, and offer a consistent outlet for showcasing your enthusiasm for novels or books. It’s also an exercise that can spur a student facing difficulties with decoding words to understand concepts and enjoy it while at it. Further, carefully picking a book can allow a learner to get introduced to fresh genres and authors.

You can always use different types of books ranging from novels to picture books. However, most teachers have a preference for novels to ensure a continuous session of reading audibly to maximize the benefits that accrue from it.


Reading audibly can prove the difference when you want to enhance specific language skills and comprehension of concepts in middle school. It only requires you to consider the above-discussed ideas to make it a reality for your students.

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