B.F. Haley and E.S. Shaw Fellowship for Economics

Minimum Aid Provided:


Maximum Aid Provided:

Stipend and tuition

Number of Award Recipients:




Description: The B.F. Haley and E.S. Shaw Fellowship for Economics is endowed in memory of the two economics professors. Haley and Shaw were two of the many professors who helped to build the reputation of the Stanford Economics Department. Preference will be given to dissertation candidates in Economics.Award Amount: Stipend and tuition


Grant for studying in the facualty : Business & Accounting , Social sciences

Grant for peole who speaks specific Languages: English

Country of study: United States

Social involvement scholarship: No

Average grade needed: 90

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Scholarship for specific Academic institutions:

Academic programs:

  • Social & Behavioral Sciences (Psychology)

Deadline: 23/05/2014

This data is based on the data that was published by the academic institute On the date of 12/29/2015

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