Humanities Center: Mellon Foundation Dissertation Fellowships

Minimum Aid Provided:


Maximum Aid Provided:

 $25,000 plus TGR fees

Number of Award Recipients:


Award Amount:  $25,000 plus TGR fees



Description: The Mellon Dissertation Fellowships, which are generously funded by the Mellon Foundation, are awarded to advanced doctoral students whose work is of the highest quality and whose academic record to date indicates a timely progression toward completion of the degree. The stipend level for the Mellon Fellowships is expected to be $25,000 plus TGR fees.Award Amount:  $25,000 plus TGR fees


Scholarship for degree: Bachelor’s Degree

Grant for studying in the facualty : Humanities & Liberal Arts

Grant for peole who speaks specific Languages: English

Country of study: United States

Social involvement scholarship: No

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Applicants must meet the admission requirements and received an offer of a place on a postgraduate or doctoral course at the University in order to receive the scholarship.

Scholarship for specific Academic institutions:

Deadline: 08/01/2014

This data is based on the data that was published by the academic institute On the date of 6/4/2014

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