Friedrich Ebert Foundation: Graduate Sponsorship II

Minimum Aid Provided:


Maximum Aid Provided:

€1000 per month

Number of Award Recipients:


Award Amount: €1000 per month



Description: Sponsorship of gifted students is stipulated in the founding charter of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. This principle has remained unchanged to the present day. Applicants are not required to be members of any political party; commitment to political and social issues, personality and above-average achievements in previous academic studies are however expected. Applicants from low-income families are given special consideration. 1,000.00 EUR constitute a full sponsorship. Sponsorship is granted for a period of 2 years; it may be extended by 1 further year in exceptional cases. Besides the financial aspect, scholarship holders are also offered a wide range of immaterial support. Approximately 100 doctoral candidates are newly admitted to the programme by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation every year.Award Amount: €1000 per month

Voluntary sociopolitical commitment.


Scholarship for degree: Bachelor’s Degree

Grant for peole who speaks specific Languages: Deutsch

Country of study: Germany

Social involvement scholarship: Yes

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Doctoral candidates who have been unconditionally accepted for a doctorate at higher education institution in Germany

This data is based on the data that was published by the academic institute On the date of 6/4/2014

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