Paul Sumerall Memorial Scholarship

Minimum Aid Provided:


Maximum Aid Provided:


Number of Award Recipients:


US $500 to US $2,500




Scholarships for projects/studies in the money transfer and remittance industry in fields directly related to the international transfer of funds, in any country in the world. College/university students, graduate students and researchers are invited to apply. The fields of study can range from financial, economic, social, development, migration and diaspora related, technical advances, consumer behavior, regulatory and compliance related issues, alternative payment methods, market penetration, new products and services, pricing, competition, government programs, etc.


Grant for studying in the facualty : Business & Accounting , Humanities & Liberal Arts , Law

Grant for peole who speaks specific Languages: English

Social involvement scholarship: No

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- Is open to any student located in any place in the world

- Candidate must be presented by a advisor/researcher/teacher/professor of a verifiable academic institution who will be the person advising & coordinating the project to be accomplished with the funds from the scholarship. A simple email preseting the student and the subject of the study will suffice initially.

- The subject of the study must relate to the international transfer of funds (P2P, person-to-person such as family remittances, P2B, person to business such as Bill Payment, and B2P, Business to Person such as pensions) as well as value-transfer systems such as Top-Ups, Retail Coupons, virtual currencies, etc.

- Employees of Merchant Bank of California and IMTC and their close family members – or someone with whom they share a close personal relationship – cannot be considered as applicants and should not apply to the scholarship

Deadline: 05/09/2015

This data is based on the data that was published by the academic institute On the date of 1/29/2015

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