AAF Kenneth Jernigan Scholarship for $12,000

Minimum Aid Provided:


Maximum Aid Provided:


Number of Award Recipients:


1 Awarded, 620 Applied


American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults


$12,000 award to honor the top blind college student residing in and attending an accredited institution in the U.S. or Puerto Rico. Winner receives financial assistance to attend NFB convention to receive scholarship.


Grant for peole who speaks specific Languages: English

Scholarship for Academic excellence

Grant for people with disabilities: Visually Impaired

Social involvement scholarship: No

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Must attend a university, a four-year college or a two-year college


Restricted to applicants who are legally blind in both eyes

Deadline: 31/03/2018

This data is based on the data that was published by the academic institute On the date of 9/26/2017

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